This is our last Podcast show, as Mark has gotten a new job. A HUGE change for a Guinness Book of World Record's holder. Plus, why did a Home Inspecto...View Details


Is Bill Gates trying to block the sun? Plus, what happened when a guy got fired from Walmart??? | www.MarkandChris.com


Who should you and shouldn't you tip? Why is Khloé Kardashian PISSED!? Plus, what did a Southwest Airline pilot do to get fired?? | www.MarkandChris.c...View Details


Guy kicked out of Disney World after spending $15,000 on trip. "Yes or B.S: Detroit Tigers Edition". Plus why did this guy decide to jerk off in a Wal...View Details


Do people still pull pranks on April Fools Day? Another lockdown for Ontario... what do we think about it all? Plus, Kate Goodfellow from Easter Seals...View Details


Michael Strahan made a big revelation this week. Plus, this dumbass criminal should have chosen a different fake name | www.MarkandChris.com


Is Sponge Bob now being cancelled? Did someone find out their cat was living a double life?? Plus, is this the best pasta noodle ever made??? | www.Ma...View Details


What's Mark's announcement? Plus, what happened at a Denny's that started over some chicken nuggets? | www.MarkandChris.com


If you wear AirPods, your gonna wanna hear this warning. Plus, what did this burglar demand when he broke in to some guys home in the middle of the ni...View Details


Chris is back, and we discuss how the Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy got cancelled. Plus, we play "Drunk, High, or Dumb"... and should 7-11 implement Drive...View Details

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