Mark is viewing life in a different way. Plus, we discuss Dave Chappelle, fake news, Colin Kaepernick and much more. | www.MarkandChris.com


Mark finally got his birthday gift, and he's WAY too excited about it. You'll never guess what happened at an NFL game over the weekend. Could this be...View Details


Chris has some HUGE news to announce. Why is Dave Chappelle the latest victim of Cancel Culture? Plus, the does the government now control Halloween? ...View Details


Mark is stocking up for the end of the world. Why is Chris sore today? And you won't believe what course Mark has signed for | www.MarkandChris.com


Why are people worried about Mark?  Chris did something last night... and Mark "might" be judging him for it. Plus, Aiden makes his weekend football p...View Details


Mark and Chris are BACK! Mark explains why he moved back home... and he's got a lot of frustration to get off his chest. Plus, Chris has a new job. An...View Details


This is our last Podcast show, as Mark has gotten a new job. A HUGE change for a Guinness Book of World Record's holder. Plus, why did a Home Inspecto...View Details


Is Bill Gates trying to block the sun? Plus, what happened when a guy got fired from Walmart??? | www.MarkandChris.com


Who should you and shouldn't you tip? Why is Khloé Kardashian PISSED!? Plus, what did a Southwest Airline pilot do to get fired?? | www.MarkandChris.c...View Details


Guy kicked out of Disney World after spending $15,000 on trip. "Yes or B.S: Detroit Tigers Edition". Plus why did this guy decide to jerk off in a Wal...View Details

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