Junk Food Jeff is back with some exciting news! Plus, what did a guy find inside his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? |


If you're a wine lover, then this may be the perfect gig for you! Plus, what did this woman do after an incident involving chicken nuggets? | www.Mark...View Details


What happened when two bus drivers refused to yield to the other one? We play 'Yes or B.S: William Shatner Edition'... plus, what old school show were...View Details


What did this lawyer do that got him in trouble? Mark plays "Drunk, High, or Dumb". Plus, how did this guy scam a bunch of hotels? | www.MarkandChris....View Details


Jeremy Renaud from Easter Seals Windsor-Essex joins us on the show. Plus, this may be the most petty employer of all time |


Toys that we played with as kids, that wouldn't be released now. Plus, what was a guy doing with a pickle that got him arrested? | Details


Why do older people sneeze so loud? Plus, another Woman fell for a scam... we'll let you know what happened |


We play "Yes or B.S: St. Patrick's Day Edition". Plus, why did a guy cut his uncles nose off? And another woman is in love with an object... and this ...View Details


Why did this woman's boyfriend accuse her of cheating when she wasn't? And a church leader stole $150,000 to spend it on THIS!? |


Girl Scouts getting in trouble for selling there cookies outside of these stores. Plus, what did this rapper do to his friend to try and get famous? |...View Details

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